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A Tradition of Exceptional Legal Counsel

In 1928, one year before the stock market crash and the beginning of the Great Depression, Richard (“Dick”) Felhaber began practicing law in St. Paul, Minnesota. Throughout the 1930s, unemployment reached new highs, and the seeds of a labor revolution were sown. It was an interesting time for Dick Felhaber to practice and develop his special interest in labor and employment law – an area of the law perceived as not entirely reputable by corporate law firms.

His dream of establishing a law firm became a reality when he was joined by Gustav Larson in 1943 and in the 1950s by Robert Fenlon and Thomas Vogt to found Felhaber, Larson, Fenlon and Vogt.

Dick Felhaber brought to the partnership his 15 years of experience in the emerging field of labor and employment law. Gus Larson, with his concentration on commercial business law, taxes, estates and probate, helped create an organization with a broader scope than labor and employment.

Robert Fenlon and Thomas Vogt brought to the firm their experience in labor and employment law in the 1950s. As Felhaber, Larson, Fenlon and Vogt, the firm continued to build its reputation as a full-service law firm with special expertise in labor and employment.

Over the course of more than seventy years, we have seen many changes in the law and in the relationships between employers and employees. The Felhaber law firm has continued to develop its unique strength in labor and employment law, filling a niche while building a practice in serving business clients of all sizes.

Our most recent evolution has been to truly round out the services and resources of our organization. We now serve clients throughout the Midwest from our offices in Downtown Minneapolis. Our attorneys practice in all areas of commercial law, providing exceptional service to our clients across all areas of the law. We are proud that our peers continue to rely on us for our expertise in labor and employment law; we are equally proud that our clients recognize the scope of our abilities to serve them.

We are now moving forward as Felhaber Larson, signaling a strong and focused approach to the future while still honoring our past.


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