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It’s More Important Than Ever

With the never-ending free flow of information over the Internet and mobile devices, it is more important than ever to protect your intellectual property rights. At the same time, intellectual property, computer, and Internet law have become progressively more complicated.

Felhaber Larson intellectual property attorneys represent clients of all sizes regarding intellectual property law, computer, and Internet matters. Whether you need to protect software through copyright and trade secret law, seek to negotiate software licenses and related agreements, or want to resolve a domain name-related matter, our attorneys can help.

In recent years, Felhaber attorneys have developed considerable experience and expertise representing clients in matters pertaining to Internet law, including employee-related matters in the workplace. We understand how the Internet and electronic transactions may be used to foster global business opportunities, growth and collaborations. From domain names to complex Web site development agreements, we can also advise you on the legal ramifications of using the Internet for business.

Through our practice, we cover four fundamental areas of intellectual property law:

Felhaber Intellectual Property Law Experience

We have significant experience within each of our intellectual property practice areas, including:


  • Analysis of copyright claims
  • Copyright assignments
  • Filings with U.S. Copyright Office
  • Filings with U.S. Customs
  • Litigation
  • Protection of work
  • Work made-for-hire agreements


  • Trade dress, certification marks and collective marks
  • Trademark enforcement – cease and desist letters
  • Trademark litigation
    • Trademark license agreements
    • Trademark assignments
  • Trademark opposition or cancellation actions
  • Trademark searches and opinions on registrability
  • U.S., Canadian trademark registrations


  • Trade secret litigation
  • Trade secret protection plans and agreements


  • Domain names
    • Conflict resolution with domain registrars
    • Cyber squatter prevention and mitigation
    • Domain name registration
    • Litigation and arbitration (UDRP)
    • Management
  • Employment-related online services
    • ADA compliance
    • Alternative dispute resolution
    • E-mail and Web site usage
    • Employee handbook
    • Employer electronic monitoring of the workplace
    • HR documents
    • Job applications
    • Labor union solicitation
    • Litigation and arbitration
    • Workplace social media issues and policies
  • Web site and Internet intellectual property rights
    • Copyright protection and use of copyrighted material
    • Trademark use, protection and licensing
  • Web site contract issues
    • Electronic commerce matters
    • Licensing of intellectual property
    • Privacy statements
    • Source code escrow agreements
    • Terms of use
    • Web site hosting agreements
    • Web site development agreements

Zachary A. Alter


Business & Commercial Litigation, Civil Litigation, Employment Litigation, First Amendment and Defamation Litigation, Labor & Employment Law, Real Estate Law

Molly A. Gherty


Real Estate, Homeowner Association (HOA) Law


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